Dinner menu is served until 11 pm every night. Happy Hour is served 7 days a week from 3 to 6 and again from 10 to 12!


Roasted Corn & Avocado Dip
Diced avocados w/ roasted corn, tomatoes, diced jalapenos, cilantro, & lime juice

Chicken Taquitos
Three taquitos w/ salsa verde, cotija cheese & romaine, drizzled w/ sour cream

Spicy Fried Calamari
Lightly dusted & served w/ a lemon garlic aioli

Poblano Artichoke Dip
Roasted tomatillos, poblano peppers & artichoke hearts blended w/ jalapeno cream cheese.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers
Hot! Fresh jalapenos stuffed w/ a cilantro-garlic cream cheese, wrapped in bacon

Chilean Crab Cakes
Chilean crab & shrimp cakes w/ a red pepper cream sauce

Jack cheese, jalapenos, pico de gallo, black beans, black olives, sour cream, & gaucamole add chicken $2

Chipotle Beef Bites*
Skirt steak marinated in a spicy chipotle soy sauce w/ bean sprouts, green onions & red onions

Chicken Quesadillas
Shredded chicken, jack cheese, & pico de gallo (Cheese and Shrimp Quesadillas also offered)


soups & starter salads

Pollo Caldo
Mexican soup w/ chicken, vegetables & rice, topped with pico de gallo & avocado

House Salad
Mixed greens, tomatoes, red onions, & cotija cheese, & your choice of dressing.

Starter Chop Chop
Romaine, bacon, cucumbers, tomatoes, & cotija cheese, tossed in a zesty ranch

Romaine, cotija cheese, & blue corn tortilla strips

Starter Wedge
Wedge of crisp iceberg lettuce topped w/ bleu cheese
dressing, tomatoes, bacon bits, & red onions

entrée salads

Chop Chop Salad
Romaine, chicken, bacon, cucumbers, & tomatoes, topped cotija cheese & avocado tossed in a zesty ranch

Grilled Carne Asada Salad*
Romaine, bacon, tomatoes, avocado & blue cheese dressing

Chicken Chipotle Cobb Salad
Romaine, tomatoes, bacon, egg, avocado, blue cheese crumbles w/ a chipotle blue cheese dressing

Caribbean Chicken Salad
Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, & fresh mango salsa, papilla honey mustard dressing, w/ your choice of a spicy jerk chicken or grilled chicken breast

Shrimp, Avocado, & Tomato Salad
Mixed greens tossed in balsamic vinaigrette, w/ cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, & cotija cheese

Onda Salad
A wedge of iceburg lettuce, bacon, tomato, red onion, cotija cheese & blue cheese dressing w/ a choice of beef bites or grilled shrimp.

Blackened Chicken Caesar*
Romaine, roasted corn, tortilla strips, red bell peppers, cotija cheese, topped w/ a blackened chicken breast (blackened or grilled shrimp or salmon Caesars also offered) 


Choice of fries or salad. Sub chop chop or Caesar

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Lettuce, tomato, onion, provolone cheese & chipotle mayo. Make it a club with bacon and avocado for an extra dollar.

Carne Asada Sandwich
Grilled skirt steak w/ caramelized onions, bell peppers & provolone cheese

Salmon BLT
Bacon, lettuce, & tomato w/ a lemon dill aioli spread

The Azul Burger*
Bacon, provolone cheese, Anaheim chili, lettuce, tomato, onion & chipotle mayo. May
substitute chicken breast.

BBQ Pork Sliders
Mini slider buns with pulled pork tossed in our poblano BBQ sauce & topped w/ a raosted corn and jalapeno slaw.

Jerk Chicken Sandwich
Hot! Lettuce, tomato, red onion, provolone cheese & chipotle mayo
w/ a spicy jerk chicken breast

tacos & enchiladas
Served w/ rice & black beans

Enchilada Verde
Roasted tomatillo & jalapeno sauce w/ a choice of shredded chicken, pork or vegetables

Rico’s Red Enchilada
House made smokey red chili sauce w/ a choice of shredded chicken, pork or vegetables

Creamy Seafood Enchilada
White cream sauce w/ shrimp, white fish & roasted corn

Habanero Shrimp Enchilada
Hot! Fiery habanero sauce over shrimp enchiladas

Chicken Tacos
Two flour tortillas filled w/ grilled chicken, citrus sour cream, pico de gallo, lettuce &

Tacos al Pastor
Diced pork marinated in a pineapple & lime adobo sauce. Served in corn tortillas, topped w/ cilantro, cucumber, & spicy avocado sauce

Blackened Fish Tacos
Two flour tortillas filled w/ blackened white fish, citrus sour cream, pico de gallo & cabbage

Carne Asada Tacos
Sliced carne asada tacos served in corn tortillas, w/ cilantro, onions, & a spicy avocado sauce

Papa’s Burrito
Choice of shredded chicken or pork, w/fajita veggies, pico de gallo, black beans, topped w/ ranchero sauce & jack cheese  Nix the sides

Served w/ black beans, pico de gallo, lettuce, jack cheese, sour cream, & guacamole w/ your choice of flower or corn tortillas

Chicken Fajitas

Shrimp Fajitas

Steak Fajitas

Chicken & Steak Fajitas

Steak & Shrimp Fajitas


Carne Asada*
Tender marinated grilled steak, served w/ mashed potatoes & vegetables

This “Mexican Pot Roast” is slowly simmered shredded pork w/ rice & black beans,
sour cream, pico de gallo, & guacamole, served w/ flour or corn tortillas

Blackened Chicken Pasta
Blackened Chicken tossed w/ linguine, red & green bell peppers,
& onions, in a spicy cream sauce

Jamaican jerk pork chops
Hot! French cut pork chops in our spicy jerk sauce, served w/ mashed potatoes & vegetables

Surf & Turf
Our Carne Asada w/ a choice of coconut shrimp, habañero shrimp, or grilled shrimp


Salmon Burrito
Salmon, coconut rice, corn, cabbage, pico de gallo, & citrus sour cream
wrapped in a flour tortilla topped w/ habañero sauce & spicy avocado sauce

Grilled Prawn Skewers
Grilled marinated prawns served w/ coconut rice, vegetables,
& a tomatillo cocktail sauce

St.Thomas Coconut Prawns
Served w/ rice, vegetables, & a hot marmalade sauce

Habanero Prawns
Hot! Sautéed in a citrus tomato habañero sauce, served w/ coconut rice & vegetables

Salmon w/ Mango Salsa*
Perfectly grilled salmon served w/ rice & vegetables


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,
shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food born illness,
especially if you have certain medical conditions.
For parties of 6 or more 18% gratuity will be added to your check